A stitch in time…

a stich in time

We feel is that it is better to resolve conflict early and in a constructive and collaborative way. Mediation and, worse still, litigation are, in our view, too little, too late – much damage is done by that time, and the result, even if successful is at best a ‘deal’ with which neither party is truly happy but which both will accept. There is almost always a residual ‘feeling’ of dissatisfaction.

In business partnerships, or family businesses, formal mediation often results in an ‘amicable split’ – which, even if fair and equitable, has torn apart the creative union that was key to earlier success. Our approach – to resolve the conflict rather than agree a settlement – is to try and re-kindle that creativity, recognise the value of past shared-effort and acknowledge the differences that made such partnerships powerful in the first instance. In effect we create an emotional turnaround.

Whilst we can’t guarantee success – we can confidently assert there will be increased understanding of all perspectives, through an appreciation of the systemic nature of the problem.