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Malcolm Duffield and Preeti Helena

Helena Consulting Pty Ltd was founded on 30th October 2002 with the vision of promoting the well being of people, groups and businesses holistically.

We work with people who have achieved a certain living and working standard, and are now motivated to improve the quality of their personal as well as professional life. We take 30 plus years of business experience and personal learning and apply them to the place where the majority of adults spend much of their waking time, the work place.

We assist you as an organisation, and as an individual, to:

  • reach your full potential
  • be in charge of your life, instead of life being in charge of you
  • understand and embrace change
  • develop initiatives

Our passion is to contribute to a business world that is more effective, more fun and, above all, more human.


Preeti Helena

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Preeti Helena

Passionate about people, Preeti Helena (MCouns, BEd) has worked with a multitude of groups from many different cultures and backgrounds.

A published author, Preeti Helena's body of work includes:  ‘An Exploration of Career Issues Using the Systemic Structural Constellation Approach’ (2005) and two compendiums on organisational development processes, published in German, ‘Fit for Change II’ (2009) and ‘Fit for EQ2’ (2011).

With a lifetime involvement in meditation and psychology, Preeti Helena also has 25 years experience of change processes in Information Technology. Her qualifications include a master’s degree in counselling and a bachelor’s degree in teaching. She is an internationally certified master-trainer in Systemic Constellations, an accredited Team Management Profile trainer, and an expert in Open Space Technology and Solution-Focused processes.

As a result of her rich experience, Preeti Helena’s approach is Straight to the Point. Her philosophy is Essentially Human. Preeti Helena is also a co-developer of the systemic awareness process in a business context, OCEAN.

Swiss born, and a former mountaineer, Preeti Helena has lived in Australia for over 20 years. She is married, has meditation as a core value in her life and loves the great outdoors, bushwalking, skiing and mountain biking. Multilingual, yet predominantly visual, her mind can occasionally get ahead of her tongue – but what follows any such pause is likely to contain true insight. You will find the experience of working with her enriching – and most likely, life changing.

Find out more about her work on www.preetihelena.com


Malcolm Duffield

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Malcolm Duffield

Malcolm is a business innovator, combining a strong understanding of technology with twenty five years of business experience gained in senior sales and management roles with: British Telecom, Motorola, Intergraph, Wang, CSC, KPMG, SAP and NAB. In those roles he also gained extensive experience as a ‘contract fire-fighter’ – responsible for repairing client relationships and resolving longstanding contractual and technical issues in large and complex organisations. He has the necessary emotional intelligence and political awareness to defuse the most contentious of situations.

A strong communicator, courtesy of an earlier career in advertising, Malcolm has developed and delivered many powerful value propositions for companies such as AMP, American Express, BHP-Billiton, Boeing, Optus, Telstra, the Victorian Government and the like, both here in Australia and overseas. Throughout his career he has honed a keen awareness of the human factors effecting the success, or otherwise, of change-oriented projects and now incorporates this with Preeti Helena’s systemic constellation work in the field of Conflict Resolution.