Emotional turnaround

anger turning to happy

Enterprises consist of people, both as individuals and in groups. Whether they work as teams, departments or subsidiaries, each involves emotional relationships which can either be positive and support your business, or negative and descend into conflict, damaging your business.

An organisation can be compared with an organism, such as the human body, where each organ has its part to play for the good of the whole. Even a seemingly minor part, such as a toe, plays a vital role. Just ask a person who has had a broken toe, or who has lost one in an accident. It effects their balance. Likewise, every single person in an organisational system has a role, and has to be content with his or her work and position for the enterprise to be in balance and grow.

Your staff members have to be clear on the purpose of your enterprise or project, and clear on their own role within it, in order to be able to support progress. They need to be able to do their work with care for the outcome, to understand their task as a service to the whole, for the wellbeing of everybody. To achieve this is not difficult, it is simply an act of working with people (not against, or despite of).

Working with people, with all that that implies, i.e. moving at the pace of the slowest individual, taking the time to listen to all opinions, etc. is often in conflict with today‚Äôs short term thinking driven by quarterly profit expectations. However, by working with people, in the long term, the company can be a fun and satisfying place to work where, because everyone is putting their energy and care into a common understood process and goal, earnings improve, market value increases, and staff attraction and retention rates reflect ‘employer of choice’ status.