Family Business

father and son in conflict – family business

Family has a very strong influence on our sense of wellbeing – and its impact can be positive or negative. This influence can have even greater impact on us when our family and business are one and the same.

Family businesses can be very powerful and supportive environments in which to work – as is evidenced by the large number of successful family businesses in Australia. However, they can also be powerfully destructive when business conflicts arise and spread into family relationships – or vice versa; both family and business suffer.

father and son in communication – family business

We are experienced practitioners in conflict resolution and succession planning in both family and business environments, and particularly in family business where sensitivities are heightened and consequences widely impactful.

We don’t create a prescriptive compromise position and cajole the conflicted parties to adopt it. Our experience suggests that neither party is truly happy with such an approach – and typically both retain an underlying resentment to such mediated ‘deals’ which will eventually resurface. We take an entirely different approach based on ‘assisted personal reflection’. Renewed respect for each other leads the parties to establish appropriate and constructive engagement.

While we too look at the ‘conventional’ aspects of leadership and team effectiveness, we weave into our consulting work expertise in systemic awareness, particularly the tools Systemic Constellations and OCEAN (Organisational Constellation – Effective Analysis of Networks) as these consistently give clearer and quicker results.

We invite you to talk with us about how we might assist you, your family and your business in restoring harmony using our unique systemic approach.